Fibernetics has been providing telecom services to both residential and business customers across Canada for over 10 years. Our brands include Worldline which provides phone and internet services to consumers and NEWT which provides a wide array of high-value telecommunication voice and internet services to business.

Worldline is Fibernetics Residential brand
and offers Canada’s lowest priced residential voice and Internet services coast to coast. Our team of telecom superheroes are constantly delivering quality products and services all supported with outstanding customer care.

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NEWT is Fibernetics Business brand
and provides high-value business telecommunication voice and internet data services through their Managed PBX Business Phone System, Business Internet and Business Bundle products.

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Fibernetics Ventures looks to leverage
existing network capacity, infrastructure investments, and human capital allowing for in-house start-ups, early stage companies and complementary
innovative outside tech companies.

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It’s how we behave; it’s what we live by and how we interact with our customers and teammates.


Disrupting and challenging the status quo while having an entrepreneurial spirit by taking risks and dreaming big.


Taking responsibility for our own actions while understanding the impact on the organization.

Just do it and find the solution

Taking initiative with a game plan for solutions.


Building trust through transparency and open, honest communications.


Working well with others while respecting values and differences.


Satisfaction and well-being :)

“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that really isn’t you, so that you can be who you were meant to be in the first place. “

At Fibernetics we are constantly evolving by building a company and culture that’s beyond telecom.

Fibernetics is committed to helping improve the quality of life in the communities where we live and work.

Sending kids to school in the Dominican Republic

John Stix has named Backpack for Kids , our official charity. “backpacks for kids” started humbly enough. John, and Peter Cross, who runs the Fibernetics Contact Centre in Dominican Republic, made a very surprising discovery. In the Dominican Republic every child may attend school, however there is a minimum requirement to be met; the family must supply a school uniform, books and supplies. Unfortunately, many families do not have the necessary resources meaning their children are kept out of school. The end result is, thousands of DR kids are having their futures compromised because of a lack of education. This year through company bbq’s and a percentage of residential sales we were able to send 120 kids to school this year.

Worldline became a major sponsor of TriGator

CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO–(06/10/14)- TriGator for Kids is a triathlon designed for kids aged 3 to 14 held in Elmira, Ontario on Saturday, June 14th. Hugely successful, this event has helped raise nearly $200,000 for charity, with hundreds of local children having taken part over the year. In 2013 TriGATOR helped 1,400 kids be active through subsidies for YMCA memberships, along with providing funds for various swimming, soccer and baseball programs.

Worldline, the Superhero voice and data provider, has become a major sponsor of TriGator this year because it’s a local charity focused on health and well being. Does it scream “Superhero Kids” or what? The TriGator is a kids’ triathlon race with age appropriate Swim-Bike-Run distances for children and this is the fifth year for this event.

Proceeds are donated to Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart®charity. Jumpstart® is based on the idea that all kids should have the chance to run, skate, play, and grow. It’s a community-based program that helps kids aged 4-18 participate in organized sports and recreation such as hockey, dance, soccer and swimming, so they can develop important life skills, self esteem and confidence. For more information check out Canadian Tire Jumpstart®.

RARE – Charitable Research Reserve

Founded in 2001, the rare Charitable Research Reserve is a 900+acre land reserve situated at the confluence of the Grand and Speed Rivers. The reserve is not only a beautiful and culturally significant landscape, but includes trees more than 240 years old and provides a diversity of habitats that supports rich biodiversity. This pristine landscape is home to an incredible array of flora and fauna, some of which are ranked significant regionally, provincially, nationally, even globally. Fibernetics takes their role in the Cambridge community very seriously, and that’s why, working with the United Way, we committed ourselves to helping rare get to where it wants to be.

Putting smiles on kids faces makes me happy.

Bears and Bunnies for Kids , is an initiative started by John Stix our President. Three times a year John goes out and purchases stuffed animals and distributes them at our local hospital to the kids ward. News got out to the rest of the staff and now John has a number of additional volunteers helping with this act of kindness.