Fibernetics is ecstatic to announce the creation of Fibernetics Ventures Inc (FVI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Fibernetics Corporation that houses various start-up and early-stage companies with their own unique brands and offerings. FVI is a fantastic opportunity for everyone at Fibernetics because it allows everyone to bring out their inner entrepreneur. Not just with lending your expertise to these new products and services, but by providing the opportunity to pitch and build out your very own start-up as well. Whether internal or external startups, Fibernetics Ventures helps get ideas to market rapidly by providing many of the services needed to get started.

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Fibernetics Ventures seeks to provide investment for equity in early stage companies by offsetting key costs. Visit our website to learn more about these opportunities.

Plasticity raised $2.1 Million led by Fibernetics Ventures

Fibernetics Ventures, lead by Fibernetics CEO Jody Schnarr, is very please to announce a solidified partnership with Plasticity Labs. Fibernetics Ventures is designed to expand and diversify Fibernetics Corporation’s footprint in technology-based communications.
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Learn about Big Data from Big Incites, a Fibernetics Ventures seedling.

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