Fibernetics is ecstatic to announce the creation of Fibernetics Ventures Inc (FVI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Fibernetics Corporation that houses various start-up and early-stage companies with their own unique brands and offerings. FVI is a fantastic opportunity for everyone at Fibernetics because it allows everyone to bring out their inner entrepreneur. Not just with lending your expertise to these new products and services, but by providing the opportunity to pitch and build out your very own start-up as well. Whether internal or external startups, Fibernetics Ventures helps get ideas to market rapidly by providing many of the services needed to get started.

Let us help take your startup to the next level

Fibernetics Ventures seeks to provide investment for equity in early stage companies by offsetting key costs. Visit our website to learn more about these opportunities.

Plasticity raised $2.1 Million led by Fibernetics Ventures

Fibernetics Ventures, lead by Fibernetics CEO Jody Schnarr, is very please to announce a solidified partnership with Plasticity Labs. Fibernetics Ventures is designed to expand and diversify Fibernetics Corporation’s footprint in technology-based communications.
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Meet the Fibernetics Ventures Team


Learn about Big Data from Big Incites, a Fibernetics Ventures seedling.

Fibernetics Ventures Partners

Building the happiest workforce

Created by our team of PhD’s, the Plasticity platform allows you to deliver research based social programming. Get employees talking about what is right in your organization, recognizing and learning about each other, deepening relationships and improving connectedness. Our programs can also help you stimulate discussion about company values so that every last employee knows what they mean and how they are being lived out in the workplace.
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Big Data. Big Ideas.

Big Incites is a passionate team of data professionals with years of experience managing large scale Big Data platforms and the analytics surrounding them. We have been in the high availability, high security, high throughput service industry for over 10 years with experience running enterprise class global services. We understand the value of Big Data, but also the high barrier to entry companies can face while trying to get in and experience what Big Data can do for them. We use our experience to let companies start using Big Data without the long and costly set up times, maintenance fees, and proprietary knowledge necessary to do so on their own.
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Leverage Sales Force to Drive Sales

A successful Salesforce implementation can increase your sales and productivity by over 30%. Let Mango Force work with you to identify how your company can better leverage Salesforce to drive sales, increase support and productivity levels, and streamline your internal processes and procedures.

Superior Colocation Facilities

Data-Vault offers companies a secure location to physically house their hardware and equipment as opposed to locating it in their offices or warehouse where it would be exposed to fire, theft and power and communication outages. Data-Vault provides a superior co-location service from state of the art 151 Front Street building in Toronto, home to more than 150 telecommunications companies. 151 Front is at the heart of every major providers network. Home in some way to all facilities based telecommunications carriers in Canada, 151 Front boasts unparalleled network connectivity. With over 25 fibre optic entrances into 151 Front, network diversity and business continuity are ensured.
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User-Focused Application Development

Vehikl are a team of passionate software artisans. Proud test-driven developers we focus on writing clean, maintainable code. Our team believes in user-centered design that delivers an experience that is both intuitive and beautiful. For startups with a “great idea” we work as a technical leader they can trust. We help you figure out which features will deliver business value.

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A secure, reliable and green Co-Location facility

Your data is critical to your business, the days of running servers in your office without the proper systems in place to protect it is no longer an option. Our Co-Location services allow you to install your equipment in a secure high-tech and green facility that is solar grid powered with generator and UPS backup.

We provide Co-Location services for virtually any size of company. We offer 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and full cabinets spaces, right up to an entire aisle of cabinets. We can also accommodate your servers in our vast modern facility.
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