NEWT goes “beyond telecom” with our proprietary products and services that are helping thousands of Canadian companies not just compete but excel. NEWT Business Services provides them with a suite of state-of-the-art and scalable business communication tools, while providing comprehensive training and support and substantial savings on their monthly overhead.

Go Beyond Telecom With NEWT!

NEWT is on a mission to revolutionize business communications in the Canadian marketplace. With our suite of proprietary voice and data products and services, NEWT is introducing an entirely new way of doing business. Our innovative business solutions provide cutting edge, feature rich, reliable and economical business communications for our customers.

We deliver happiness

NEWT is focused on being the most customer-centric telecommunications provider in the country, and across the country our people work every day to not just keep our customers happy, but to also improve their business processes and assist them in helping them grow their business. Building mutually beneficial client relationships is what sets NEWT apart from the competition.

NEWT Business Phone Systems Customized For Your Industry

  • The financial services industry is experiencing a fundamental change in how every day services are handled because mobile communications are making instant connectivity “business as usual.” At NEWT we understand the importance of being in touch regardless of your location with constant accessibility to your office. More info and video testimonial
  • Car dealerships are a complex combination of product and service providers. Whether it’s the showroom, the used car lot, the service shop or the main office, constant communication between these departments is vital to any dealership’s success. With NEWT’s business phone system, we ensure there is never a loss in contact between these departments; with our business Internet, we ensure you’re connected to the digital world. More info and video testimonial
  • Beside all the excellent work non-profit organizations do, they must respect the bottom line the most. NEWT’s products and services are designed to reduce costs without sacrificing quality of business communication. Designed to fit any budget, NEWT offers the industry’s lowest long-distance rates and eliminates the costs of business phone lines, features such as voicemail, conference bridging and Find Me/Follow Me. More info & video testimonial
  • Those who work in the healthcare industry need to be in constant communication. With NEWT’s industry leading up-time and feature suite your health care team will communicate faster and more efficiently. Features like Find Me/Follow Me and Advanced Call Routing enable employees to maintain constant contact with their main facility. Also NEWT’s disaster recovery capabilities mean no patient or staff member will ever be out of touch. Learn More

  • Winning or losing on a house usually comes down to one single phone call. With NEWT, you’ll never worry about missing that all-important conversation. NEWT’s reliability and award-winning technical support team ensure you are always in contact. Our feature set, like detailed billing, will save your office hundreds of man-hours annually. More info and video testimonial
  • Improved business processes, just in time delivery and streamlined communications all impact the bottom line. NEWT 80+ feature set enables businesses by providing them with the technology to inexpensively remain in contact with supply chains and multiple locations locally, across Canada or around the world. Plus, the flexibility of the NEWT platform allows it to scale as you do. Learn More
  • In an aggressively competitive marketplace it’s essential to stay in constant contact with clients and insurance providers. Streamlining that contact process, regardless of location, is what differentiates NEWT from our competition. Employing a full feature set is what makes a good agency great, and NEWT provides comprehensive and ongoing training to ensure you continue to get the most out of your NEWT business communication system. More info and video testimonial
  • Today’s students have a completely different set of communication requirements than even their immediate predecessors. Keeping up with this ever changing telecom landscape requires a business phone system that can evolve as needed with the latest requirement. The NEWT managed business phone system constantly upgrades to address these needs, meaning with NEWT, you never have “yesterday’s technology”. Learn More

  • Clients depend on being able to contact their legal professionals instantly. The same applies for lawyers and the legal system. That’s why NEWT’s business solution streamlines communication time and improves operating efficiency with voice, messaging and fax options. NEWT also provides improved customer management with the NEWT auto attendant, the NEWT Call Centre and Salesforce CRM integration. Learn More
  • Client expectations have never been higher which means having instant accessibility is standard operating procedure. Business reputations are won or lost on perceptions of professionalism. Having a reliable, state-of-the art business communications system, like the NEWT Managed PBX ensures your clients will always be in touch, regardless of your location. More info and video testimonial
  • The lifeblood of every travel agency is the phone system and business Internet. Having a less than reliable service means a business is one missed call away from losing out on a potential customer. Up-time, call clarity and a feature set providing accessibility regardless of any agent’s location; saving on the bottom line makes NEWT the premier travel agency phone system. More info and video testimonial
  • The agricultural industry depends on multiple locations to operate the different facets of their operations: farms, production facilities, storage facilities, plants and offices. Every part of the operation must maintain contact to maximize efficiencies. In an increasingly competitive market, the more a business can reduce costs, the greater the profit. The NEWT leasing options and variety of low-cost phone choices allow organizations to tailor their phone system to maximize utility and cost-effectiveness. Learn More