"I'm in" is the phrase we use to express our commitment to our philosopy and purpose as a company. It is the feeling we had and a state of mind of our commitment tour our teammates within the Fibernetics Family. Being "in" means we do whatever it takes, when needed, to live the philosophy that binds us all.
To deliver happiness and connections every day by being awesome.  
We say what we do, we do what we say, and we're looking forward to prove it to you.
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Fibernetics Innovation Centre

Jody Schnarr, our chairman and executive officer, has throughout his career been a disruptive force in Canadian telecommunications. The growth of Fibernetics in both the consumer and business marketplace are directly attributable to his seemingly insatiable need to “shake stuff* up.” The status quo has not been working for most telecom customers in this country, and that’s why products and services like Worldline and NEWT have been so rapidly embraced. Jody and the Fibernetics team are demonstrating that, when it comes to business as usual, consumers now have options. They don’t have to “just take it” anymore.

Yet, we can’t stand still. Fibernetics growth strategy depends on innovation, and that is why we introduced Fibernetics Ventures earlier this year. An in-house incubator, FVI enables start-ups and early  life-cycle organizations to focus on business development and bringing the next “big idea” to market, unencumbered by business administration, finding office space or infrastructure. Leveraging the existing network capacity, infrastructure investments, and human capital at Fibernetics provides a built in competitive advantages in FVI seedling’s respective markets. These cost advantages allow these ventures to launch unique and disruptive products, while creating new, sustainable revenue streams providing secondary growth opportunities for Fibernetics Corporation.

The Fibernetics Innovation Centre

On December 1st FIbernetics took possession of a new building in North Waterloo. Calling it the Fibernetics Innovation Centre, it will house the management of Fibernetics Ventures, all our current and future seedlings and will provide possible expansion facilities for the company as a whole.

Located at 200 Bathurst Drive in north Waterloo, the Fibernetics Innovation Centre brings an additional 22,000 sqft with 80% being office and 20% being warehouse facilities on 2.1 acres of land. It even has, just like Fibernetics headquarters, its own lake.

fiberneticsventures_logo_homepageFibernetics President John Stix said, “This is a huge move forward for us as we look to continually invest and expand in forward-thinking innovations to keep us on the leading edge within the Canadian telecom arena. Our business is growing and we are building for a long-term future with the never-ending goal in mind of delivering happiness and connections every day by being awesome.”

“I feel leaders can make innovation happen. But the best leaders know how to empower people while creating a space and environment so it can happen, over and over again. This is my goal for the Fibernetics Innovation Centre so it will flourish and grow for years to come,” Jody concluded.

The Fibernetics Innovation Centre is the new home for existing organizations like Plasticity, Big Incites, and our latest addition, Vehikl.

Please stay tuned for more information. If you are interested in launching you “big idea”, please visit the Fibernetics Ventures website.

* “Stuff” is not the word Jody uses.

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