"I'm in" is the phrase we use to express our commitment to our philosopy and purpose as a company. It is the feeling we had and a state of mind of our commitment tour our teammates within the Fibernetics Family. Being "in" means we do whatever it takes, when needed, to live the philosophy that binds us all.
To deliver happiness and connections every day by being awesome.  
We say what we do, we do what we say, and we're looking forward to prove it to you.
  • 605 Boxwood Drive, Cambridge, ON N3E 1A5
  • (519) 653-7686
  • Cambridge (519) 489-6700
  • Toronto (647) 724-8880
  • info@fibernetics.ca



Fibernetics’ award-winning workplace culture has been discussed by HR specialists and culture gurus across the globe.

During the hiring process, potential employees often find the Fibernetics workplace culture an intriguing part of the company and are anxious to be involved. Melissa Pelley is one of them – a student from Conestoga College’s Business Administrative – Marketing Co-op Program with a desire to join the Fibernetics team for her Co-op placement.

She joined the team with a determination to develop advantageous knowledge on the sales and marketing field. Hired as a NEWT Business Analyst for the business service division of Fibernetics, she dove into lead generation as well as marketing research, providing her with hands-on experience in her preferred career path. Her journey with real-life marketing didn’t stop there, as she worked one-on-one with marketing agency Nine Point Nine Group, assisting with the development of service sales sheets and contributed to day-to-day tasks. She enjoyed experiencing the moving components of a fast-paced agency. And of course, she enjoyed the Fibernetics workplace culture.

“I love the culture here at Fibernetics. Everyone is so kind and supportive of everything you do. It’s great to work in a positive atmosphere where we work as a team to get the job done. There is a great support team at Fibernetics; if you are having a rough day, there is always someone to fall back on that understands what you’re going through. Not only are there great people to work with, the physical building is very inviting and colourful. Having bright green walls in a call centre environment really improves your mood and keeps the environment light and fun! The awesome culture at Fibernetics makes me excited to go to work everyday to find out new and exciting tasks ahead.” – Melissa Pelley

Thinking of joining Fibernetics for a Co-op placement? Read more about the Fibernetics experience from the perspective of a Co-op student. 

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