"I'm in" is the phrase we use to express our commitment to our philosopy and purpose as a company. It is the feeling we had and a state of mind of our commitment tour our teammates within the Fibernetics Family. Being "in" means we do whatever it takes, when needed, to live the philosophy that binds us all.
To deliver happiness and connections every day by being awesome.  
We say what we do, we do what we say, and we're looking forward to prove it to you.
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Michael Sohota

Michael Sahota acts as a catalyst to help organizations get the results they want. His “we value people” approach uses open, participatory decision-making that leads to lasting results and sustained growth. He works collaboratively with leadership teams to build trust, safety, and engagement to drive success.

He asked Fibernetics president John Stix to provide the plenary address at Toronto’s Agile 2015 conference”

“His topic is very relevant for organisations to find their true selves His topic is very relevant and he is the real deal. A true expert in how to create environments where people truly love to come to work.”

“I love that John fully gets that we have to look into ourselves to fully connect with other people as human beings. Out of that we create amazing results for our teams and for our companies. That’s the true source of success for creating a nimble, future-proof anti-fragile organization.”

Michael Sahota Organizer - Agile 2015

Michael’s background includes almost 20 years of professional and management experience in Information Technology with entrepreneurial and enterprise companies. He is one of 60 Certified Scrum Coaches worldwide. In addition to 13 Years experience with Agile, Michael is a regular speaker at international conferences and regularly delivers keynotes. He is continuously and passionately learning new ways to foster client success. Michael is a founder and organizer of the Toronto Agile Software Development Community.

Michael is a praised author on working with organizational culture, his Blog is in the Top100 of Agile Blogs worldwide.

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