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The revolution that is Social media isn’t just limited to sharing cat photos and what people had for breakfast. It’s also changing how businesses hire. Human Resource professionals need to keep up with the latest software platforms and tools to ensure they are getting access to the best talent, and the best talent can access their postings.

This is where SocialHRCamp comes in:

With 1 billion+ Facebook users, 500 million Twitter users, 400 million Google Plus users, 800 million YouTube users with 4 billion views every day, plus the impact of other platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and many more, the opportunity for HR to deliver big-time business results is exponential.

The “Emerging HR Technology” space is growing leaps and bounds—cloud-based and mobile-friendly software that help businesses like yours solve real people problems. Which platforms are right for your business? Do you even know where to go to figure this out?

SocialHRCamp is an “UnConference meets experiential learning workshop”, taking the best of both worlds and leaving what’s not behind. Conferences are great for inspiring but lack the ability for constructive dialogue with thought-leaders, attendees and speakers. SocialHRCamp enables free-flowing conversation, hands-on learning and networking, all in a fun and social atmosphere.

John Stix President of FiberneticsBeyond that. HR professionals are also in the retaining talent business as well, and that’s why they have engaged Fibernetics President John Stix and Plasticity Labs‘ Director of Marketing, Jennifer Moss to speak on tools to improve corporate culture:

Successful Senior Leaders and their organizations understand that a happy, healthy workplace culture is mission critical. However, as companies grow rapidly, offices and departments spread farther apart across the globe, and more employees work remotely; it is difficult to create a culture that can scale.

We often look to technology to scale our sales, marketing and operations efforts but when it comes to culture, we don’t use technology in the same way. Jennifer Moss and John Stix will share real-world examples of how we can improve and calibrate a great workplace culture using technology. The discussion will also include suggestions of on and offline habits to help employees be happier and higher-performing at work and at home.

This Thursday, November 13, the 3rd SocialHRCamp is in the city of Toronto. If you work in HR or Recruitment and are interested in attending please visit the SocialHRCamp website.


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