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your invitation
At Fibernetics, our purpose is to deliver happiness and connections every day by being awesome. This is the company’s calling and if you believe this to be your calling too, we want to hear from you!
We are inviting an awesome PDSS member to join our NEWT Technology team to contribute to delivering happiness and connections every day.

The PDSS team is the team that buffers and glues the gaps between support, development and innovation. PDSS members have three top priorities: 1) provide expert swarm style support to our L2 agents on our NEWT platform 2) participate in the development of our NEWT platform at a testing and training (to L2s) capacity and 3) work on special projects that could potentially help us be more competitive.

The unique tasks that you will take pride in accomplishing are listed below.

ways you contribute

  •  You will handle and resolve escalated support cases as needed through our ticketing system for the following:
    • Network analysis of various types of devices such as:
      • Cisco switches, routers and DSL modems
      • Onsite PBXs
      • VPN connectivity into Fibernetics’ core
    • Call Flow analysis:
      • Inbound calls in Meta SAS
      • From Meta to either Asterisk proxies or Asterisk Aggregators
      • Through Asterisk ACD servers
      • To Asterisk Voicemail servers
      • To onsite customer PBXs
      • Using Aggregator syslog server and any other logs where necessary
      • Using tcp-dumps either on premise or on the provided tcp-dump aggregator
      • Dial Plan configuration via FNP master
  • You will participate in the tail end of product driven development of our ever-evolving flag ship product (NEWT) owning deliverables such as:
    • Quality assurance – creating or modify test plans and test cases that can be utilized when needed.
    • Troubleshooting / support write-ups for L2 support resources as part of the release or official handover once the initiative is deployed to Production.
    • You will ensure any solutions implemented are documented and communicated consistently.
  • You will participate on ‘Special projects’ that are of exploratory in nature which may or may not end up becoming offerings to our customers and/or improvements to the way we service our customers today.
  • You will train and coach L2 resources
    • Participate in a swarm like support structure that encourages resources to try work together collaboratively rather then just ‘escalate’ and pass on issues.
  • You will determine if issues should be escalated to vendors, development or any other technology team that has the SME required to assist with the issue at hand.
    • You will try to recreate the issue in a lab environment.
    • You will ensure all pertinent information is gathered before escalating the issue any further.
    • You will own that escalation through to resolution.
  • You will assist management in process creation as well as documentation of support related procedures.
  • You will participate in meetings regarding development and support issues as needed.
    • You will provide Management and development with feedback regarding ongoing issues.
  • You will maintain relationships with customers, partners and teammates via email or phone.
    • You will ensure information is communicated in a timely manner as well as being concise.
  • You will contribute to the knowledgebase on an ongoing basis to aid L2 resources in complex repeatable troubleshooting.
  • You will work in a rotation of weekly “On Call” escalation support.
  • You will manage cases and tickets.
    • Consistently update cases as needed when dealing with escalated issues.
  • You will ensure cases are closed after resolution.

what makes you awesome

  • You have exceptional Customer Service skills.
  • You have previous technical customer service support related experience.
  • You are an effective collaborator and work well with others.
  • You are detailed and use meticulous methodology in problem identification and resolution.
  • You are eager to learn new technology and changes to existing product.
  • You have outstanding communication skills both written and orally.
  • You have strong troubleshooting and analytic thinking skills.
  • You have sound knowledge of the following technologies:
    • DSL, Ethernet and TCP/IP
    • PBX Environments
    • LAN/WAN and Wireless networking technologies
    • Linux OS (various distributions)
    • Cisco IOS, Linux CLI(less, head, tail, grep, etc…),
    • REGEX, SIP, IPSec, GRE, IP SLA, IP PBX Unified Communications, CDP, LLDP, PPPoE, DHCP, DNS, Asterisk
    • T1, DOCSIS Technologies
  • You have the ability to work in a team environment as well as unsupervised.
  • You have the ability to work in a dynamic and fast pace environment.
  • You are able to embrace change and maintain a positive approach.

Write to to let us know how you can contribute, what makes you awesome and why you want to be in. We look forward to hearing from you!