Fibernetics Culture: Re-energizing the passion in people

On Thursday, November 13, 2014 John Stix presented at the 3rd SocialHRCamp in the city of Toronto. The Camp showcased some of the most innovative and successful HR/Recruitment technologies in the industry such as Achievers, WIRL, Plasticity Labs, SpriggHR, HireVue and many more. John spoke about Culture and how it changed Fibernetics.


How does one become a culture warrior for a company? That’s a question John Stix asked himself 18 months ago when he realized that some of the passion and excitement  in and around the company he co-founded was lacking. He noticed it in himself when he discovered he wasn’t bouncing out of bed to get to the office. He noticed it with some staff members grumbling over their coffee in the cafeteria, and worse he discovered it talking to a frustrated customer over a beer, who was complaining about how they were  being treated as a customer.

To John, that was the final straw. The company had enjoyed rapid growth over the ten years of its existence, yet it was clear that that exponential expansion was resulting in a few things falling through the cracks. Having an unhappy customer was just not “us,” so John set out to change that.

Typically, he went about the process just like everything else in his business experience: He tackled it as an entrepreneur, developing his own culture initiative around the motto, “I’m in!”

Over the first half of 2014, John, along with input and help from the company’s leadership team, developed a new culture for Fibernetics to bring back the entrepreneurial spirit to empower the staff.

The results surprised even John, as the company embraced “I’m in!” and the results were a tangible increase in overall job satisfaction, a dramatic drop in HR issues, an overall increase in employee happiness (as measured by culture partner, Plasticity Labs)  – and a jump in sales across all brands.

Taking a company to the next level requires some serious buy-in from the staff. Everyone has to be on board, all working towards a common goal of making a good company great. That’s why John Stix spent 2014 rebuilding Fibernetics culture.

For more on what it means to say, “I’m in!”, please visit the Fibernetics Culture Page.


Project Details

  • Reporter :  Gavin McDougald
  • Videographer : George Mihutiu
  • Location : SocialHRCamp Toronto
  • Link : SocialHRCamp

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