HR Are People Too – Finding your Authentic Self in the Workplace

There seems to be a North American workplace construct that forces us to think it’s natural to be ‘someone’ at work and ‘someone’ at home. I’ve seen it in countless professionals and leaders of all kinds (e.g. Lawyers, Doctor’s, Business Owners, etc.) – I am also guilty of this myself. Why have we adopted this pattern? Hard to say. Perhaps it’s due to an underlying fear of true transparency, or maybe it’s the ultimate dichotomy of the digital age – the expectation of privacy in our personal lives.
This type of ‘dual persona’ is not uncommon for HR professionals. For example, we (in HR) are encouraged in schooling and mentorship to not get “too close” to employees to avoid conflicts of interest. That alone limits our ability to connect with others in the workplace on certain subject matter. In doing so, we’ve isolated ourselves from developing a deeper connection with the workforce we represent.
I don’t know about anyone else – but trying to balance this whole two persona thing is hard work, not to mention exhausting! I wouldn’t expect an employee to walk in to work every day acting differently from what they do with their family and friends. So why the heck are we, as HR professionals, so scared of allowing our true selves to be open at work and building meaningful connections with employees?

A key component of Fibernetics culture is finding your authentic self, and that has to start with the team in Human resources.

Read the entire blog post from HR’s Larissa Currah HERE.


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