John Stix President of FiberneticsJohn’s career as an entrepreneur in both telecommunications and marketing has seen him take start-ups to enterprise level organizations. A co-founder of Fibernetics, one of the largest telecom companies in the country with points of presence coast-to-coast, it supports hundreds of thousands of Canadians with their telecommunications needs.

As company president John oversees an international team of telecom professionals who are providing products and service to the residential marketplace through Worldline, and Canada’s business community through NEWT.

John also mentors the start-ups in Fibernetics Ventures Inc. and its associated companies: Fongo, Rack & Data and Plasticity.

In 2014 John turned his focus to corporate culture and created and deployed his “I’m in!” culture initiative.

“Great companies depend upon great culture to survive and thrive. I have the vision to not only realize a new culture was needed at Fibernetics but developed the goals, constructed the plan, and its execution.

I am passionate about culture in companies and what makes a great company become incredible. I live it every day and am completely committed to this goal. The team we’ve developed at our Cambridge, Ontario head office work cohesively with the common goal of advancing Fibernetics and its group of companies.”

John Stix President Fibernetics

John’s success at instilling the I’m in!” culture in Fibernetics has motivated him to bring it to other organizations. As a public speaker, he is working with companies and organizations both large and small focusing on increasing workplace happiness and employee engagement through improved culture.

John mentors entrepreneurs with both Fibernetics Ventures and Communitech, helping guide the next generation of business leaders to bring world changing products and services to market.

#Commitment #Happiness, #Culture & #I’m in!

It’s John’s belief that we all should take the time to learn from ancient global wisdom. These teaching are readily available to us and by adopting into our own lives we can better ourselves and everyone we interact with.

As we are racing around trying to get everything done before deadlines and commitments. let’s try to approach things in a calm meaningful manner. A calm mind is a smart mind that can make effective decisions, thus maximizing your time.

Everything will get done as there is only so much time in one hour, one day, one week and you can’t change that. Use this time wisely at Fibernetics but stay calm and have faith. I believe in all of you.

This image and message reminds me how important it is for all of us to be our true work selves. From doing so, we will feel purpose and purpose leads to passion and passion leads to happiness. To be your true authentic self leaves no guess work on the table for your teammates as well. You are who you are and you become more consistent in your nature. This leads to a stronger team environment.

I wish this for everyone and going into next year I will be preaching and pushing for this throughout our amazing company.

A teacher once said. “once you realize how perfect everything already is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.”

I believe this to be a teaching of acceptance. Slow down and appreciate how everything is now including everything that already makes up who you are.

Because you already are so much. Within you is already everything.

I think this teacher within global wisdom is expressing the fact that true kindness is a gift for the recipient fully. Yes,it makes us feel good also to be kind. But, we shouldn’t rest on one act, we should strive to be kind always. Today focus on your teammates at work and make this the day of kindness and empathy towards others. ( even more than normal) Through that sacrifice we become our best selves and allow the company to flourish.

“He who receives kindness should never forget it. But he who performs it shouldn’t remember it at all.”

On Thursday, November 13, 2014 John Stix presented at the 3rd SocialHRCamp in the city of Toronto. The Camp showcased some of the most innovative and successful HR/Recruitment technologies in the industry such as Achievers, WIRL, Plasticity Labs, SpriggHR, HireVue and many more. John spoke about Culture and how it changed Fibernetics.


smiley1Fibernetics has its own unique culture, defined by two very simple words, “I’m in!” It’s a culture defined by teamwork, a common vision and a willingness to dig in and get things done.

The Fibernetics team is packed with telecom innovators, customer service experts and business leaders who function with one common goal; to be a great company to work for and to be the best telecom in the country.


bears-bunnies-for-kidsAn organization is only as good as its corporate responsibility and that is why Fibernetics is committed to helping improve the quality of life in the communities where we live and work. Encouraging wellness and giving back in the office, Fibernetics supports local organizations like TriGator for Kids and RARE. His charity, Bears & Bunnies for Kids, provides stuffed animals for children at the Grand River Hospital in Kitchener. John, along with Fibernetics Contact Centre Manager Pete Cross, started and manage Fibernetics’ official charity, “backpacks for kids.”


fiberneticsventures_logo_homepageFibernetics began as a start-up, and that entrepreneurial spirit and energy remains key to the company’s ongoing success and rapid growth. Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. Fibernetics Ventures (FVI) scratches that itch by providing much needed business infrastructure such as finance, legal and administrative support, and mentoring as well. The “been there, done that” experience of an entrepreneur is invaluable for those launching the next big thing to the world.


culture-gallery-021Speaking on such varied topics as entrepreneurship, corporate culture, wellness and global wisdom, John’s passion for various topcs comes through from one-on-one conversations to large corporate venues. His goal is to share what he’s learned through his business career, and to encourage those who are looking to take their business, or themselves to the next level.