Fibernetics CLEC is a Canadian Carrier owned by Canadians and is the largest privately held CLEC in Canada. We originate traffic from 85% of the Canadian population and terminate traffic to 100% of the population. Our Wholesale clients range from 20 SIP Channels to over 10,000 SIP channels.

  1. DIDS Through our Canadian CLEC nationwide network, Fibernetics provides DIDs in over 1,000 Canadian cities from coast to coast. Fibernetics offers a unique method of inventory control to ensure that the location(s) needed are available.
  2. SIP ORIGINATION CHANNELS National Flat Rate: This is a great replacement for your traditional PRI. As a national CLEC, Fibernetics can offer you the ability to aggregate your network more efficiently by utilizing our National Inbound Channels and sharing them amongst the different cities in Canada that you may operate in. National Metered: Fibernetics offers an added level of convenience by allowing Carriers to utilize the CLEC footprint on a variable cost structure.
  3. SIP TERMINATION Fibernetics offers Carriers Long Distance Termination to every NPA/NXX in Canada. We offer the capacity needed to ensure that your calls are completed at the highest quality possible in Canada. We are efficient throughout our Network so we offer value to our Carriers.
  4. LNP Fibernetics makes it easy and seamless to switch. Our dedicated staff have developed the processes necessary to ensure communications with all underlying CLEC/ILEC is efficient and cost effective. Fibernetics control of this process translates into value to our clients. Fibernetics understands that peace of mind is important when transferring communications services providers.
  5. COLOCATION Fibernetics operates a facilities in the Carrier Hotel (151 Front Street), Toronto, ON as well as a facility in Kitchener, ON. Our approach is simple: Offer choice in two different geographical areas where real estate costs are transparent in the space and power costs go to the Wholesaler. Each facility is connected to the Fibernetics CLEC network and offers the same level of support.
  6. TOLL FREE Keep your clients connected in North America with Fibernetics Toll-Free.

  • Largest Canadian CLEC
  • Unlimited inbound-only SIP trunking
  • 99.989% uptime
  • Largest Meta Switch deployment in Canada
  • SIP and H.323 support
  • Fax-friendly, guaranteed T.38 and G.711 support
  • Support for CLID and CNAM
  • National aggregated trunking
  • Automated self-service wholesale portal that includes real-time DID provisioning

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