yoga1How do you unwind at work? If “unwind” is a completely foreign word to you – keep reading. Fibernetics is speaking directly to you!

According to, the long-term impact of stress and its influence on creativity and business can be detrimental. Do you want your employees to be more creative and business-savvy? Then provide them with an outlet that is known for reducing stress – right inside the office!
Here at Fibernetics, we offer our team with multiple stress-reducing activities, including Yoga. Yoga is one of the most stress-reducing activities in the world, starting in India way back in the fifth century. It engages people with the “now,” all while increasing strength and flexibility. It’s physical, mental and spiritual.
When John Stix, the President of Fibernetics, felt our workplace culture was missing, he planned a culture celebration party to revisit Fibernetics’ core company values. We started that celebration with a Yoga stretch, company wide. That was a telltale sign that Yoga would play a huge role in our overall culture vision. In-office Yoga was added in the fall of 2014. Many of our team attends, and we have multiple regular team members who would never miss a class.
Our workplace culture was developed on being mindful  – similar to Yoga. We strive to engage our staff with recreations that can build their overall satisfaction of life, in both the workplace and at home. Offering Yoga to our employees has been an amazing transformation, from happiness to work quality and efficiency. After all, we believe that wellness leads to happiness.
If we haven’t sold you on office Yoga yet – just wait! The best work comes from the best minds. If your employees don’t know where their minds are – you may have a problem with your quality of work. Clear your team’s foggy minds by giving them an environment where they can truly unwind and clear the fog; you’ll find that their mood enhances. That will in-turn provide your company with staff that has a stronger ability to manage workload and stress, and higher productivity and morale. Namaste!
If you don’t have the resources for office Yoga quite yet – check out this Yoga cubicle program that won’t freak out your coworkers!