One of the most amazing things about the Fibernetics team is their willingness to contribute. Whether it be inside the walls of our office, or beyond the office in the community – our team is simply awesome.

Today, we had a Ball Park Dog Lunch in celebration of the Blue Jays games. We raised money for SickKids Hospital by selling hot dogs – right from our office!
The team slipped into their Blue Jays attire, skipped their morning coffee and started preparing tasty gourmet toppings. The good cooks taught the “not-so-good” cooks the tricks of the trade (mostly because they were terrified of finding fingers in their toppings), the dubbed “onion chopper” was avoided all day due to irreversible exuding “eau de oignon”, but most importantly, we finished making those beautiful gourmet toppings (like guacamole and bruschetta) and BBQ’d delicious Ball Park Blue Jay style hot dogs for all employees, With the proceeds (thanks to everyones appetite for hot dogs!) we raised over $400 for SickKids Hospital.
Our “I’m In!” Culture Initiative gives employees the option to contribute to Fibernetics’ quarterly contributions. Just like our Blue Jays Ball Park Dog Lunch today, we raise donations for many other charities and organizations. Next quarter, we’ll be scouting for surplus food cans for a Food Bank event. I wonder what kind of lunch we’ll have next? (Hopefully nothing with onions!).
Thank you, Fibernetics team, for supporting and assisting with our own version of a Ball Park lunch and eating all the hot dogs your body can handle! We are also very grateful for all SickKids does for improving the lives of children and their families. We are looking forward to our next event