For 12 years, North America’s leading business leaders and marketers have been gathering in Las Vegas for the annual Impact  Conference, the continent’s largest and most prestigious Internet Marketing conference. This year, at #Imapct15, the list of speakers was its best ever. Key business figures like Michael Huseby – Executive Chairman at Barnes & Noble, Vitaly Pecharsky – Founder and head of IT operations at SlickDeals, Darian Shirazi – CEO and Co-Founder at Radius and Victor Cho – CEO at Evite, all graced the #Impact15 stage talking about the latest technology trends, the newest innovations and the changing digital marketplace.
Fibernetics President John Stix also spoke. He was the conference’s keynote speaker, closing out the event. His topic was “Leadership” focusing on the importance of the c-suite getting involved in corporate culture.
[blockquote author=”John Stix” position=”President” company=”Fibernetics”]”There is culture at every enterprise, every business. And I believe when you deeply care and empower people and allow them to be their true selves, that it translates to passion. That passion leads to happiness. That happiness leads to productivity and productivity leads to results.” [/blockquote]
Of course, being John, this wasn’t a standard business presentation on the bottom line benefits of having an inclusive culture. Rather it was a deeply personal exploration of his journey from an entrepreneurial business leader to become a workplace culture warrior.
[blockquote author=”Sinan Kanatsiz” position=”Founder and CEO” company=”IMA”]”We just wrapped up #Impact15 and I was just telling John Stix that that was the first official standing ovation we’ve had in a speech in the 12 years we have been doing conferences. We have amazing content, but his message really hit home, it captivated our hearts and it got all of us to get on our feet. Some tears came out, but that’s the kind of empowerment that the IMA is very much aligned with so, thank you.” [/blockquote]