According to, experts say you should spend all your money on travel, because it’s the ‘secret to happiness.’ And with workplace happiness being at the forefront of companies’ vision due to the correlation between happiness and success, why not encourage your employees to travel?

“I would love to just quit my job and travel” is a familiar statement that is often discreetly mumbled throughout the office. What if we provide employees the opportunity to enhance their lives with new experiences, all while benefiting the growth of the company they work for? Working abroad promotes personal growth, provides exposure to new cultures, backgrounds and experiences and an overall different perspective on industries. Not only does it assist employees with growing their network, but also it provides them with new opportunities to learn and discover, and evidently, the chance to apply their newfound knowledge into their field of work. From the perspective of an employer, encouraging employees to learn is essential in benefiting both the individual, and the company.

Photo by: @adaniellelittle – Remote Year Office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Fibernetics is now encouraging their employees to take the leap to work abroad by applying to the Remote Year program. Remote Year is a program that allows 75 professionals from across the globe to spend a year working, traveling and exploring 12 cities around the world together. Those who are accepted into the Remote Year program receive co-working spaces, private rooms, transportation, personal and professional development tracks, and community events.
While most travel-lovers would agree that the Remote Year program sounds incredible, it’s not for everyone. Long-term travel is a commitment. However, it can be very rewarding for both personal and business growth.
Amanda Little, Head of HR at Fibernetics has utilized the Remote Year program and is ecstatic to start her four-month journey throughout Asia. In the application process, individuals are to answer a multitude of questions to describe why they could benefit from utilizing the Remote Year program in their field of work. From the perspective of an HR professional, Amanda Little was ecstatic for the opportunity to grow her connections, and break through the stigma that HR positions must remain on-site to be beneficial to a company.

Photo by @jay_dred – Fibernetics’ Head of HR, Amanda Little, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I think this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience travelling the world while earning an income and growing both individually as a person, and within my field of work. Remote Year gives the opportunity to show how any field of work can break free of stigmas by becoming remote. The field of Human Resources is one that I believe needs to be proven that it can be done remotely and in innovative ways. I think that travelling with a group of 75 people will also be an opportunity to make new connections with people that can turn into lifelong friendships. I think our mission in life is to learn as many lessons as we can in order to excel as a human being, and to give back by teaching others. What a better way to break free from fears and past belief systems than by travelling the world. This makes me both nervous and excited at the same time, and I am up for the challenge!” As Amanda is currently on her second week of her abroad experience, she describes it as ‘phenomenal.’ “I am so impressed and think Remote Year has done an amazing job with on-boarding and welcoming us as a community. I am having a blast!”
Employees long for new experiences and knowledge that will help them grow and flourish in their field of work. Remote Year provides individuals with the chance to immerse themselves in a community of professionals, which are often described as a ‘second family’ to those who have utilized Remote Year in the past, and to be exposed to new cultures, which can evidently enhance their work.
Does working abroad benefit every employee, in every industry? Not necessarily. However, Fibernetics believes encouraging employees to learn, grow, and experience is important to reach both happiness and success. Stay-tuned for future blogs where we discuss Amanda Little’s Remote Year experience from the perspective of a Human Resources professional!
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