Jody Schnarr believes in risk-taking and cultural alignment

Jody Schnarr presents as a unique entrepreneur. This well-read technology junkie, who started by selling two-way telephone links between Stratford and Kitchener, is now, some 25 years later an internet provider, data provider, and backbone provider.
Schnarr was on the 200th edition cover when Exchange did a story on him and partners John Stix and Mike Brown. The three founding partners who, in the mid-1990’s, created a company. They then sold that company in 1999, kept working for the new owners, and eventually left in 2003, to start a new company called Fibernetics.

Perhaps ironically, the three subsequently repurchased their original company in 2005. Currently, they turn away business investment opportunities; instead, says Schnarr, they invest in new ideas.
Under Jody Schnarr’s leadership, Fibernetics is an incredibly diverse company. On a technological scale, and quickly moving to an Internet of Things scale.
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