We’re excited to announce a very positive step forward for our company. Fibernetics is moving to the Grand Innovations building at 96 Grand Avenue South, in the Gaslight District of downtown Cambridge, Ontario. 

For the past few years, our Head Office core team has been split across two locations. This separation conflicts with our culture aspiration that teamwork be sustainable and protected. We also have the mandate to support our teams with tools to do their jobs more efficiently. This move will support everyone at Fibernetics to operate as one team. In coming back together, we envision a space where we can overcome obstacles and celebrate the wins together.

The Gaslight District is a perfect fit for us. It has undergone renovations and is now coming together under the vision of developers looking to simultaneously celebrate the area’s heritage and architecture while encouraging a thriving hub of innovation and modern urban living. Its revitalization and rebirth embody a similar ethos and energy we are embracing, and its journey reflects our journey of being separated and drawn back together with a sense of greater purpose and forward momentum. The Grand Innovations environment will allow us to honour our history of tight-knit teams innovating in a collaborative space.

We’re excited to be part of this historic revitalization project; close to the new Tapestry Hall event space, Foundry Brewery, new restaurants, and residential buildings. We know that bringing everyone together will undoubtedly lead to higher communication and foster greater teamwork, creating more happiness and success both for us and our customers.

We can’t wait to have us all under the same roof and celebrate the feeling of having our environment truly reflect our identity as a high-functioning Fibernetics team.

Stay tuned for more updates and our exact moving date, plus an invitation to come visit us in our new space!