At Fibernetics, our personality is reflected in our company purpose, our core values, our priorities, and our I’m In mantra, and we believe it’s important to periodically review these aspects to be sure they still mirror who we are. Recently our purpose changed from “To Deliver Happiness & Connections by Being Awesome” to “We Empower You for Success”.

Our original purpose was about delivering happiness to each other, our teammates, our vendors, and our customers. It was about delivering connections in the form of data, IP, and voice. And “being awesome” meant we were going to try our best every day in everything we did.

So what is our new purpose all about?

WE: Fibernetics is WE. WE are a group of people, a team working together. 

EMPOWER: WE want to empower each other. We want to strengthen each other’s abilities and our customers’ abilities to do what we all do. We look to our core values to empower our actions, and we are empowered through the priorities that we set. 

YOU: “YOU” is our teammates who we want to empower to do the best job they can do. “YOU” is also our customers who we want to empower for their own success.

SUCCESS: Success internally at Fibernetics means positive, thriving relationships and communication across the workplace. Success is happiness for all of us and our customers, vendors, and partners through finding new ways to simplify and automate our jobs so that we all can do them more effectively and efficiently.

Our new company purpose was released internally a few months ago and we’ve been making internal changes that fit with and nurture this developing aspect of our personality. 

Now our new company purpose is really being put to the test.

COVID-19 has threatened the world’s collective physical and mental health, and every single business has had to assess how to respond.

At Fibernetics, we’ve looked to our core values to guide us as we address how WE are going to EMPOWER each other, our customers, and our community for SUCCESS during this time. 

One way in which we’re hoping to empower others is through our newly launched Beyond Telecom video series. At Fibernetics, we made a quick, successful transition to working from home. We credit that transition to our positive workplace culture, which continues to thrive even though we’re not physically in the workplace, and our backbone of innovation, which allows us all to see opportunities even in the midst of crisis. Our Beyond Telecom series aims to provide other business leaders with information about:

  • Finding opportunities for growth, innovation, and creative expression during times of change and uncertainty
  • Workplace culture and how to infuse your organization with a positive mindset,
  • Efficiencies and automation to improve employee retention, overall company performance, and employee satisfaction
  • Community-giving opportunities which foster holistic engagement and a stronger connection across communities
  • How to be mindful of team members’ communication styles, happiness, and mental health during COVID-19.

We hope to bring valuable insight to you and your business, and empower you to embrace change and see opportunities for continued growth and success.