Happy New Year! As the clock ticks over at midnight on January 1 of each year, our thoughts collectively turn to goals and resolutions for the coming months. A new year provides a chance to review our actions of the past, and set our intention for the future.

We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions.  – Stephen R Covey

Recently, we received an email from a client. They were delighted with the overtime two of our software engineers had put in over the weekend to problem-solve for them, and they praised their good nature and hard work. During our company huddle, we celebrated these engineers and congratulated them on a job well done.

All of us at Fibernetics have a drive to find and implement solutions for our customers. We strive to interact with our customers with a smile while we deliver high-quality work that provides them with the solutions they need. That’s because our intention as a company is to empower our customers for success.

The reality is that companies are naturally judged by their actions, and inevitably there are times when our actions don’t reflect our intentions. We’re not a small company which means there are many different people coming together each day to form the Fibernetics Family. All of us have different upbringings, perspectives, roles, and personal lives. On any given day there will be individuals who are stressed, ill, or facing challenging situations at home. There will naturally be disagreements and debates, and at times our communication with each other, and subsequently to our clients, might not be everything we intend it to be.

Better Communication Starts with Intention

In our last company huddle, our co-founder John Stix reminded us that misunderstandings, misconceptions, and arguments stem from either a lack of communication or a poor form of it. He gave us a great tool for our toolbox to help us improve our communication:

First, remember that your body is a vessel for communication. Not just the words that come from your mouth, but your facial expressions, hand and eye movements, tone of voice, and posture all communicate something to those receiving your message.

Second: When you need to have an important conversation with someone, think about what your intention is and then think about what action you will take to communicate. Will you talk to them or write to them? Will you deliver the message face to face, over the phone, via email or text? Which method of communication best honours you, the message, and the person receiving the message? Essentially, align your actions with your intentions. – John Stix

Our Resolution for 2021

The Fibernetics Family is made up of individuals who are all looking to grow, and we know that growth comes by acknowledging imperfections and seeing them as an opportunity to learn and do better. We are a family that loves to learn! We are a family driven by an entrepreneurial spirit to always do more and try harder. We are people who know that every day is richer when we actively listen and effectively communicate. So, on the days when our communication falters, we will remember the advice John gave us that empowered us for success. We don’t always get it exactly right, but our intention is to empower YOU for success, and we resolve to commit to action this year by living our values and showing our customers who we are.