We get it; when it comes to porting your customers’ numbers, you want it done quickly and with no rejections. Our Wholesale Partner Portal makes it quick and easy to submit your porting requests, and our customers tell us they rely on our short turn-around times and low rejection rates. But we know you still might have some questions and concerns from time to time. Hopefully you’ll find the answers to your most pressing questions here, and if you don’t, our friendly Wholesale support team is just a click away.

1. How quickly can a port be completed?

Our policy is to allow a minimum of 48 business hours for the losing carrier to process and complete the port request. Therefore, the Fibernetics Wholesale Partner Portal allows you to select a time 48 hours out. If a port is required sooner, we can request a next-day business port on your behalf, however these ports are subject to an expedite fee. A ticket can be opened via our Partner Portal to request an expedited port.

2. How quickly will we receive confirmation of our port request, and what kinds of confirmation codes can we receive?

Typically, you will receive a response from the losing carrier within 24 – 48 hours. If you do not receive a response after 48 hours, you can request that we follow up with the carrier on your behalf. To request a follow up, simply click on your order in the portal and send us a ticket.

You could receive one of several types of confirmation codes:

C: Firm order confirmation.

E: Firm order confirmation with an Exception. The remarks will detail the exception. We’ve outlined some examples of exceptions below. If you have concerns over the exceptions please reach out to our team.

  • TLC may apply (term charges may apply)
  • Date changes, if the requested due date cannot be met
  • Ident-a-call will be disconnected

A: If the losing carrier cannot meet the date you’ve requested, you’ll receive a Firm order confirmation with an Alternate date provided by the carrier.

X: The order has been Cancelled.

Z:  Rejection for More Recent Authorization.  This means another port request with a more recent date has been received by the losing carrier.

W: Cancellation of Incomplete Port. This cancellation is due to failing to port the number within a specified time (typically 7 days).

R: The order has been Rejected. The remarks will detail the Rejection reason. (Your next question will likely be “Why did my port get rejected?” Stay tuned – next month we’ll do a deep dive into rejections and how to help prevent them.)

3. Can I port a number with a US service address?

Yes, you can! You have two options for porting a number with a US address:

a. Open a ticket and ask our team to submit the port on your behalf.

b. Submit the port request through the Fibernetics Wholesale Partner Portal. However, the portal currently only accepts Canadian addresses. To submit a port request for a US address through our portal, simply enter a dummy Canadian address or the Canadian Service Address and enter the US address in the Remarks box. Our team will make the necessary adjustments on your behalf.

4. How do I know if a number is portable?

Our customers can use our portal to enter phone numbers (either individual numbers or text box or csv upload) and the portability query will provide confirmation on portability. If not on-net, you will be requested to open a ticket to submit the order.

5. Can I port after hours and on weekends?

Yes, you can port after hours and on weekends however you must choose a business day for your port. You can, however, choose to activate after-hours or on a weekend. In the event of any after-hours issues, our on-call LNP team is here to assist.

6. Can I port a number that is not in service?

No, providers aren’t obligated to release any out-of-service numbers. In this event, you must have your customer contact their current provider and have the number put back in service in order to port it.

7. Why do I need an equipment record and how do I get the equipment record?

When porting business services (most particularly when it is a large volume), you’ll need to provide all the numbers associated with the customer’s account. The customer’s list of phone numbers is not always on their invoice, so it’s good business practice to obtain an equipment record which lists all phone numbers, along with associated circuit numbers. Failing to provide a list of all the numbers will typically result in a Rejection for “Stranded Services” (explained in #8).

8. What does a Rejection for “Stranded Services” Mean?

Typically this rejection applies to business services where multiple phone numbers are attached to a circuit (PRI, T1, Megalink) or hunt group. To prevent this type of rejection, it is recommended to have an equipment record and ensure your port order includes direction for ALL the numbers listed, whether porting or disconnecting. Our porting team is always here to help you work through this type of port. We will expand on this type of rejection in our next blog.

9. How can we avoid a rejection?

While you can never 100% prevent rejections, it is best practice to:

  • Ask your customer to provide a copy of a recent invoice (for residential ports) or equipment/service record (for business ports).
  • Confirm with your customer that the billing address on their invoice/equipment record is also their service address. If the billing address is different from the service address, your customer must either provide you with the service address or contact their current service provider and ask for their service address.
  • Enter the customer’s name and service address into the portal exactly as they appear on the invoice/equipment record.
  • Enter in all the phone numbers associated with a customer’s account as they appear on the equipment record.

10. Can we dispute a rejection?

Yes, Fibernetics can dispute a rejection on your behalf if we have the required information. For example, if a port was rejected due to a “mismatched address” and you wish to dispute, we require an invoice with the correct address dated within the last 30 days. Simply submit via our portal and our team will review and submit that rejection on your behalf.

Did you know?

Porting is made easy through Fibernetics; just use our automated Wholesale Partner Portal. Simply submit your order and choose your Port Date/Time along with your Activation Date/Time. In the event of any issues, our amazing porting team is available after hours to assist you with any emergency issues that may arise on any after-hours on-net ports. Our On-Call process is outlined on the Home Page of our Portal.

Have a question about porting that’s not addressed, or want to learn more about Fibernetics’ Wholesale services? Feel free to reach out to our Wholesale team. And stay tuned for our next blog where we take a deeper dive into rejection reasons and how to avoid them!