Fibernetics Introduces Culture 2.0

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What Does “Culture” Mean to us?

To us, workplace culture is the result of a unifying belief in the identity of the organization. We believe that workplace culture starts with the leaders who must clearly act and communicate in a way that is consistent with the identity and core values of the organization.

In 2015, we launched Culture 2.0 with our “I’m In!” initiative. “I’m In” is how we express our commitment to our company purpose. Being “in” means we do what it takes to live the philosophy that binds us all.

Over the last six years, our co-founder John Stix, has provided the direction for our culture. He is driven by his motivation to lead from a place of care, compassion, and empowerment. John and the leadership have worked to make us more than company. As a result, the vast majority of employees regard Fibernetics as their second family. At Fibernetics, culture equals community, and we feel privileged to contribute to it and keep building it.

We build our internal community through our company Huddles, and by embracing our core values, focusing on our priorities, and living our purpose every day.

John Stix Co-Founder of Fibernetics talks about Workplace Culture

Our Purpose:
We Empower You for Success

We work every day to empower our teammates, our customers, and our vendors by listening to what matters to them. We deliver what’s needed and strive to go above and beyond by acting in a way that is consistent with our core values. We show that we’re “In” in everything we do so that we can achieve success for ourselves, our teammates, our customers and vendors, and our company. We believe that by working to empower ourselves and others, success can be had by all.

You can read more about our company purpose and what it means to us on our blog.
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Slide Trust We build trust through open,
honest communication.
Slide Teamwork We exhibit teamwork by
respecting values
and differences.
Slide Accountability We take accountability
for our actions while
understanding the impact
on the organization.
Slide Just do it and
find a solution
We take initiative and
just do it and find a solution.
Slide Innovation We embrace innovation and
disrupt and challenge the
status quo with our
entrepreneurial spirit by taking
risks and dreaming big.
Slide Happiness We strive for happiness,
satisfaction, and well-being
of mind, body, and spirit.
Trust - Teamwork - Accountability - Just do it and find a solution - Innovation - Happiness OUR CORE VALUES:
The Huddle logo

Company Huddles

Every other Tuesday, before the workday starts, we meet to receive company updates. Because of COVID19, our Huddles are now conducted virtually, and they have become an incredible time of reconnecting as a family.

Each Huddle has a different theme to help empower us. We’ve talked about mental health, keeping a growth mindset during challenging times, and the importance of sleep.

Company Priorities

  • We simplify by striving for the most straightforward path to success for the company and its customers.
  • We break bottlenecks through our “just do it and find a solution” attitude by working together to do what’s best for the company and our customers in a timely manner.
  • We maintain transparency to inspire intra-company communication, collaboration, and positive discussions.
  • We automate to maximize efficiencies and design processes for the betterment of the company and our customers.

Employee Survey

The authenticity of our internal community speaks for itself. Our latest employee satisfaction survey found that 50% of Fibernetics employees want to be lifers, 94% believe there is a strong sense of community among their co-workers, and 98% enjoy working with their teammates.

We’re proud of our internal culture and we’ll keep striving to strengthen our workplace culture and increase the sense of community at Fibernetics.

Employee Survey

Our Fibernetics Culture Gallery

We like to have fun and it shows.

At Fibernetics, culture plays an essential role in our daily work lives. Happiness in the workplace translates to happiness for our customers. As our company grows, we grow not only in our professional roles but in our personal development as well. We work and play hard together participating in Lunch and Learns, fundraisers and team huddles while adhering to our Core Values and Corporate Mantra. “I’m In!” allows Fibernetics staff to be themselves, find their comfort zone and take their work experience to the next level.

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HR Award

Fibernetics Wins The Accompass Award for Best Employer Branding

The Emmy Awards may have been in Hollywood, but last Thursday, Canada had its own gala ceremony. The 2015 HR Awards celebrate excellence in the Human Resources profession by recognizing individuals, teams and companies for their outstanding achievements in people management in the country. Over 600 HR leaders assembled at the Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex in Toronto for the 17 organizational and individual categories that provide national recognition of both large and small organizations on their individual merits.

Nominated for two awards, including the Aird & Berlis LLP Award for Canadian HR Champion, Fibernetics won for best employer branding:


We build our external community by involving ourselves in initiatives that support the growth, health and well-being of the region we live and work in, as well as initiatives overseas that speak to the heart of who we are.

food4kids waterloo region logo
Food4Kids Plaque

Helping Feed Kids in Waterloo Region

Food4Kids Waterloo Region

There are thousands of children throughout Waterloo Region who live with severe food insecurity. Food4Kids Waterloo Region provides packages of healthy food each weekend, and daily during the Summer, Winter, and Spring breaks, to kids aged 14 and under who have limited or no access to food. Food boxes are prepared by volunteers and delivered to schools each Friday and directly to kids’ homes over school breaks.

When kids leave school for the weekend or school breaks, they should not have to worry about how they will be fed. Please help to make a significant and positive impact in our community by supporting these vulnerable children. Read more about the Food4Kids initiative.

Fibernetics is a proud financial supporter of Food4kids Waterloo Region.

Coffee4Kids Logo

Coffee4Kids – Buy Our Coffee and Feed a Kid!

When Mike Brown, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Fibernetics, got involved with Food4Kids Waterloo Region, he thought “What can I do to help sustain funds coming into this charity that helps feed hungry children in our Region?”

Mike had the idea to sell coffee, with all profits going directly back to Food4Kids, so he launched Coffee4Kids . Read all about his social-entrepreneurial effort to support Food4Kids on our blog.  Coffee can be purchased online on the secure Coffee4Kids site.

Fibernetics now exclusively purchases Coffee4Kids coffee for our Head Office. We’re proud to support Coffee4Kids to help feed hungry children in Waterloo Region.

Mike Brown talks with Kelly-Sue Oberle – Founder/Executive Director of Food4Kids Waterloo Region

Joint logo

The Assurance of Hope Children’s Home, Ghana, Africa

Jeff Reitzel, a good friend of the Fibernetics Family, started an orphanage in Ghana. Like us, Jeff is a dreamer. He had no experience running an orphanage but just followed a dream in his heart and relied on donations to get it started.

As of September 21, 2020, Fibernetics is excited to announce that we have made a long-term commitment to co-sponsor the orphanage. Fibernetics employees will have the opportunity to interact with the kids through Skype.

We’re excited to be able to share our abundance with these children and contribute to their success.

Backpacks for Kids

Backpack for Kids logo

Backpacks for Kids Sends 150 Kids to School in the Dominican Republic

Backpacks for Kids is Fibernetics’s in-house charity devoted to helping families in the Dominican Republic. Each year, a number of children are denied the opportunity to attend school because their families cannot afford the necessary school supplies and uniform. Over the past ten years, Fibernetics has raised money through company BBQs and a percentage of residential sales, and we’ve sent more than 1000 kids to school by providing them with the supplies they need.

This year, Backpacks for Kids distributed 172 backpacks. Each backpack contained school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, erasers, glue, rulers, etc. Each child also received a gift certificate for 1000 pesos which is used to buy school uniforms. We would like to thank Peter Cross and his wife, Rosa for helping organize the program year after year. Read more about how Backpacks for Kids is helping kids and families.