Calling definition

What’s calling you? A calling is a personal, internal invitation that allows you to use your unique talents and skill set to maximum effect. When you listen to your calling and carryout these tasks, you are working toward being your true self and performing work with purpose.

Included with Employment!

Fibernetics offers a very attractive benefit plan for full-time employees

Our on-site gym is fully equipped and is open to employees 24/7.

Our lunch room offers a full kitchen and includes free coffee and tea.

We Empower You For Success

Wellness is part of our culture

At Fibernetics, we have countless opportunities for you to focus on personal wellness. We know that wellness encompasses the body, mind, and spirit, so taking time out of the workday to invest in wellness is highly encouraged.

The office offers an onsite gym and the bathrooms are fully equipped with lockers and showers for those interested in physical wellness. Located meters away from the building is “Lake Fibernetics” where you can watch the ducks swim, or go for a stroll around the lake. Whether you prefer to take a social break on the patio, or take some alone time to listen to the birds, Fibernetics supports your personal wellness in many ways.

• Hit the gym on your lunch break for a fitness break
• Wear a pedometer to track your daily steps
• Park your car far from the entrance and enjoy the walk
• Rest is important too, take a break to recharge
• Enjoy a herbal tea in our café

• Make time to read a book, even for 10 minutes a day
• Write a journal about your day
• Reward yourself each time you accomplish a goal
• Create a “to do” list to help you keep organized
• Visit a library or museum

• Spend more time with nature
• Reflect on your day and practice gratitude
• Allocate some alone time
• Close your eyes and focus on your breath when you feel stuck
• Volunteer or practice the act of giving back