Fibernetics is committed to helping improve the quality of life in the communities where we live and work.

Backpacks for Kids

Backpack for Kids - Fibernetics Dominican Republic

Backpacks for Kids had its backpack giveaway this past August. More than 75 kids took part and went home with their new backpacks filled with school supplies along with some gift certificates to buy more.

School supplies are not provided in the Dominican Republic, so this elegant little service provides the poorest of children access to education they otherwise could not afford.

Run by Worldline’s Peter Cross and company co-founder John Stix, this little home grown act of kindness has grown to the point where next year it will be a full blown official charity with the full weight of Fibernetics, Worldline and NEWT behind it.

This year, the company’s social committee, The Fun Bunch organized events to raise some of the funds.

“What a great day, as you can see by a few of the pics, we helped a lot of kids and I couldn’t be more proud of all of you and us together! Backpacks for Kids will be a legal registered charity by next year so we’re looking to allow many more kids to get the education they deserve next year,” said John Stix.

“And props to Rosa (Peter’s wife) she is pregnant and still went out and negotiated all the buys for supplies!”

Backpacks for Kids is set to grow. Stay tuned over the coming months for details on next year’s giveaway, when even more kids get to go to school.

Bears and Bunnies for Kids

Bears & Bunnies for Kids - Fibernetics Giving Back

Bears and Bunnies for Kids , is an initiative started by John Stix, President of Fibernetics Corporation. Three times a year John goes out and purchases stuffed animals and distributes them to the kids wards at local hospitals. News got out to the rest of the staff and now John has a number of additional volunteers helping out with this act of kindness.

This past Halloween John surprised the kids at Grand River Hospital with a visit from Batman.

Due to it’s huge success, Fibernetics’ now supports this initiative and has expanded the program to additional hospitals. Mike Brown, Fibernetics Happiness Officer wanted to get involved as well. Mike contacted a manufacturer and had 1,000 bears specially made with t-shirts bearing the Bears and Bunnies for Kids logo.

We would love to hear your story on how one of our stuffies made a difference to a child’s hospital stay.

rare – Charitable Research Reserve

Rare Partnership

Worldline’s head office is in Cambridge Ontario, part of the “Tech Triangle” that also includes Kitchener and Waterloo. Located pretty much right in the middle of Southern Ontario, Cambridge is divided in two by the Grand River, and on the western shore through a large portion of the city is the rare Charitable Research Reserve, a Central Park-sized parcel of privately held land dedicated to environmental and ecological education.

Founded in 2001, the rare Charitable Research Reserve is a 900+acre land reserve situated at the confluence of the Grand and Speed Rivers. The Reserve is not only a beautiful and culturally significant landscape, but includes trees more than 240 years old and provides an array of habitats that supports rich biodiversity. This pristine landscape is home to an incredible array of flora and fauna, some of which are ranked significant regionally, provincially, nationally, even globally.

Rare stewards this magnificent natural jewel striving to preserve the land for future generations by focusing on conservation, ecological restoration, research and education while also providing wonderful passive recreation opportunities to the surrounding community.

This private charity has opened up the property to the public for hiking and education sessions, and they’ve also donated tracks for public vegetable garden plots.

All that said, the land rare has, wasn’t always a nature reserve. Rather, it was working industrial and farmland, and the previous owners, seeing as it’s been occupied for over a century, weren’t all that environmental. In places it’s a mess and there is an ongoing program underway to not just clean up what’s there, but to return it to what it was – a pristine environment, completely reflective of naturally occurring Southern Ontario flora and fauna.

And that means cleaning out a bunch of invasive species and clearing up a lot of crap.

Worldine takes their role in the Cambridge community very seriously, and that’s why, working with the United Way, we committed ourselves to helping rare get to where it wants to be.

The next time you are in Cambridge, make sure you check out rare and all it has to offer, beauty, education and appreciation of what a fabulous place we all live and work. And while you’re there, also check out what’s not there – four truckloads of some seriously nasty stuff.

Well done guys.

TriGator for Kids

Trigator For Kids - Worldline Sponsorship

CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO–(06/10/14)- TriGator for Kids is a triathlon designed for kids aged 3 to 14 held in Elmira, Ontario on Saturday, June 14th. Hugely successful, this event has helped raise nearly $200,000 for charity, with hundreds of local children having taken part over the year. In 2013 TriGATOR helped 1,400 kids be active through subsidies for YMCA memberships, along with providing funds for various swimming, soccer and baseball programs.

Worldline, the Superhero voice and data provider, has become a major sponsor of TriGator this year because it’s a local charity focused on health and well being. Does it scream “Superhero Kids” or what? The TriGator is a kids’ triathlon race with age appropriate Swim-Bike-Run distances for children and this is the fifth year for this event.

Proceeds are donated to Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart®charity. Jumpstart® is based on the idea that all kids should have the chance to run, skate, play, and grow. It’s a community-based program that helps kids aged 4-18 participate in organized sports and recreation such as hockey, dance, soccer and swimming, so they can develop important life skills, self esteem and confidence. For more information check out Canadian Tire Jumpstart®.