Fibernetics Introduces Culture 2.0

Happiness in the workplace translates to happiness for our customers and the results speak for themselves. Consecutive record sales across all divisions and brands have proven that a focus on an inclusive culture benefits not only the staff but the bottom line as well. With Culture 2.0 we’re introducing the concept of workplace resiliency. The idea that, as the company grows, we grow not just in our work roles, but in our personal development as well.

John Stix, Co-Founder of Fibernetics has taken on the ongoing role of leading the “I’m in!” initiative because developing and improving corporate culture is not a one-day event, it’s an everyday process. His end goal is simple: For Fibernetics telecom products and services to set the new standard for customer service and satisfaction in the country.
That’s what being “In” at Fibernetics is all about. John is on a personal mission to ensure the corporate culture in and around the company and its divisions sets a new standard for excellence and happiness in Canadian telecommunications.

The reasons for this are simple. First, in today’s competitive marketplace a company with engaged, proud and passionate employees provides superior customer service, and for Fibernetics, our customers come first. Second, having a workplace environment that allows for creativity, breaking barriers and that encourages professional growth, retains and attracts top talent. Finally, although work is a serious business it should also be fun.

“There’s no one way to design or develop anything. To a large degree, it has to reflect the culture. Especially the innovation culture of the company.” – John Stix

Our Fibernetics Culture Gallery

We like to have fun and it shows.

At Fibernetics, culture plays an essential role in our daily work lives. Happiness in the workplace translates to happiness for our customers. As our company grows, we grow not only in our professional roles but in our personal development as well. We work and play hard together participating in Lunch and Learns, fundraisers and team huddles while adhering to our Core Values and Corporate Mantra. “I’m In!” allows Fibernetics staff to be themselves, find their comfort zone and take their work experience to the next level.

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HR Awards 2015 -Fibernetics Best Employer Branding

Fibernetics Wins The Accompass Award for Best Employer Branding

The Emmy Awards may have been in Hollywood, but last Thursday, Canada had its own gala ceremony. The 2015 HR Awards celebrate excellence in the Human Resources profession by recognizing individuals, teams and companies for their outstanding achievements in people management in the country. Over 600 HR leaders assembled at the Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex in Toronto for the 17 organizational and individual categories that provide national recognition of both large and small organizations on their individual merits.

Nominated for two awards, including the Aird & Berlis LLP Award for Canadian HR Champion, Fibernetics won for best employer branding:

John Stix, Co-Founder of Fibernetics Partners with Shawn Achor

In what can only be described as the happiest of announcements, Shawn Achor, one of the world’s leading experts on the connection between happiness and success, has joined forces with Canadian business leader and workplace culture warrior John Stix, to help spread their shared message on how an engaged and happy workforce improves both business and day to day life.

The Power of Workplace Happiness

Professionals strive to not just be the best telecommunications company in the country, but also to have the best place to come to work to every day. The idea is simple. Happy employees make for better employees. So why doesn’t every company strive for similar goals? Because change has to start at the top. But first, buy-in must come from the very top. In our case, that was simple as the individual who recognized change was required and then strived to make it happen was none other than our Co-Founder, John Stix.

Read how John went about the process of getting everyone at Fibernetics “In!” and why it’s so important for other Canadian businesses to take on the task of making their companies “insanely great.”

Canadian Business on Fibernetics Culture

The Happy Office Project is a special series from Canadian Business magazine. They set out to explore what makes for a positive workplace environment, and how they did it was pretty interesting; they experimented on themselves using Fibernetics Ventures’ Plasticity Labs App. The results were less than encouraging as the data from Plasticity showed that Canadian Business is actually an unhappy place to work.

The most recent article of the series looks at a company where the employees are happy, and that is Fibernetics.

Read John Stix’s take and get the rest of the article here. […]

Toronto Star on Fibernetics’ Corporate Culture

The Toronto Star had a great article on Plasticity and Fibernetics in their November 11, 2014, edition. Outlining how Plasticity is changing corporate culture for the better with their Plasticity App, titled Workplace happiness? There’s an app for that, the article documents how adopting the App at Fibernetics has improved the workplace environment, and as […]

The Record: Fibernetics focuses on fun to restore workplace passion

By Terry Pender: John Stix and Jody Schnarr walk through the offices of the telecommunications company they founded 10 years ago, handing out cold glasses of Guinness after leading a rumba line during a barbecue lunch. Every Friday, there is a celebration in the Fibernetics head office in Cambridge. A few times each week, Stix picks […]

Fibernetics featured in Live Happy Video

Live Happy Magazine heard about the changes taking place at Fibernetics in regards to it’s culture and the emphasis on a happier workplace. They sent a camera crew to hear what we had to say.

About Live Happy: Live Happy is leading the global movement to make the world a happier place. We are dedicated to promoting and sharing authentic happiness, inspiring people to live purpose-filled, healthy, meaningful lives. We’re a magazine, website, resource and movement about a timeless quest: Living a happy life.

John Stix Speaks About Culture at HR Social Camp in Toronto

On Thursday, November 13, 2014 John Stix presented at the 3rd SocialHRCamp in the city of Toronto. The Camp showcased some of the most innovative and successful HR/Recruitment technologies in the industry such as Achievers, WIRL, Plasticity Labs, SpriggHR, HireVue and many more. John spoke about Culture and how it changed Fibernetics.

John Stix Co-Founder of Fibernetics Gets Smile-Bombed

For many of us at Fibernetics John is more than the Co-Founder, he’s a mentor, an inspiration, and a friend. To say he’s passionate about making a difference in our business is an understatement. He lives and breathes our culture and that is why we decided to “Smile-Bomb” him. We are grateful to John in so many ways. Thanks for being awesome John!

Smile-bombing someone consists of doing something nice for someone to let them know why you are grateful to have them in your life. The overarching purpose is to give unsung heroes some attention and acknowledgement that they so deserve. This phenomena started with simply leaving a sticky-note with a nice message on it for an unsuspecting individual to foster happiness within them. The act of giving is an essential part of spreading happiness and we want to keep ensuring that we are actively recognizing not only what makes us happy but WHO makes us happy- and letting them know how grateful we are to have them in our lives.