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The latest press releases and announcements from Fibernetics. Fibernetics is a globally recognized Canadian telecom company that has been providing innovative products and services for over 20 years.


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Jody Schnarr speaking at Nucleus launch event photo credit Kevin Crawley

Imagine talking by video call to a customer in Quebec. She’s speaking French, you’re speaking English, but you both hear one another in the language of your choice thanks to real-time translation.

Cambridge-based telecom provider Fibernetics says it will soon offer such a service through a new unified-communications platform called Nucleus.

“With voice-to-voice real-time translation we are leveraging AI to break down existing social, economic, interpersonal and geographical barriers,” said John Stix, co-founder and Chief of Staff and Brand. “You can select an available language… read more

Nucleus to Disrupt Multi-Billion Dollar UCaaS Market in Canada

Cambridge, ON – May 11, 2023: Today, Canadian telecommunications company Fibernetics Corporation announces unified communications is now free for Canadian businesses ongoing. Fibernetics is announcing Nucleus: the first and only free business phone and workspace communications platform connected through a business phone number. Nucleus provides free voice and video calling, team chat, SMS, long-distance, and file sharing in a single, easy-to-use interface available from any device – allowing companies to collaborate internally as well as connect to vendors and customers all within the same platform.

Until today, Canadian companies had to rely on multiple platforms to communicate. These combined services come at a significant administrative and financial cost – companies can easily pay $1000*/employee annually for their communication and collaboration systems – a cost which is prohibitive for small business owners. Fibernetics believes companies shouldn’t have to pay for the communication tools necessary to thrive in today’s hybrid work environment. 

“Great innovations change lives for the better and the next one is here,” says Fibernetics CEO, Jody Schnarr. “Nucleus removes all communication-related cost barriers for Canadian businesses, while increasing their connectivity with customers/vendors, and their remote workforce around the world. It gives me great pleasure to think that the value generated from Nucleus will help their businesses grow.” 

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is partnering with Fibernetics for the announcement event being held today. Together they will host 180+ local business leaders, dignitaries, and media at the Fibernetics headquarters located in Cambridge, Ontario, where Nucleus was built. The announcement provides details about the free Nucleus platform, which includes a business phone system with unified communications capabilities. The announcement will also unveil soon to be available, paid, AI-enhanced video features. These include noise cancellation, eye-focus, and real-time voice-to-voice language translation services to enhance workplace productivity and collaboration. 

John Stix, Chief of Staff & Brand at Fibernetics, says, “With voice-to-voice real time translation we are leveraging AI to break down existing social, economic, interpersonal, and geographical barriers. You can select an available language for your video call and Nucleus AI will translate in real time. The talent pool for business just became global.” 

Fibernetics developed Nucleus in-house as the solution to primarily support entrepreneurs and small businesses; small businesses make up 97.9% of the Canadian business landscape with more than 97,000 new small businesses launching each year. In February, Statistics Canada conducted the Canadian Survey on Business Conditions and found that the top 3 of 5 stated concerns among small business owners surveyed are all cost-related; namely rising inflation, operating costs, and interest rates and debt. As a federally regulated CLEC, Fibernetics processes over 2 billion phone calls on their national network annually; they have the infrastructure and resources to provide Nucleus to Canadian businesses for free. 

With already thousands of customers on their reservation list, Nucleus anticipates high demand coming out of their pre-release phase. Nucleus will continue to activate customers from this priority list. Register your business to eliminate your communications costs at 

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* This figure is based on $32.99/month for a business phone system (Ring Central), $26/month for video calling (Zoom), and $31/month for team chat and collaboration (MS Teams).

  • Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Global Market Size is Projected to Reach USD 44.7 Billion at CAGR of 10.2% by 2030; Source: 

About Fibernetics

Headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario, Fibernetics is a multiple award-winning, federally regulated Canadian telecommunications company which built, owns, and manages its own national infrastructure. For twenty years, Fibernetics has gone “Beyond Telecom” to deliver a full range of innovative voice, data, and cloud telecommunications products and services at the fairest prices to the Canadian marketplace. Through its Wholesale division, commercial division, NEWT, residential division, Worldline, and UCaaS division, Nucleus, Fibernetics maintains a singular focus on empowering its customers for success. 


Event Details

Thursday, May 11th ,  3PM – 5PM

Fibernetics Head Office
96 Grand Avenue South, Suite 203
Cambridge, ON
Located in the Gaslight District

The Honourable Perrin Beatty
President & CEO, Canadian Chamber of Commerce


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John Stix Chief of Staff

John Stix, co-founder & Chief of Staff & Brand

John’s focus on corporate identity and people strategies have led him to speak around the world. He has empowered the team to be their most engaged self, resulting in Canadian business-leading performance and workplace culture awards.

Jody Schnarr, CEO

Jody Schnarr, co-founder and CEO

Jody is pure tech, and one of the most disruptive telecommunications officers in Canada. With his leadership, Fibernetics has gone from a local long-distance provider to a national Telecom with points of presence coast to coast.

Pete Pigott, CFO

Pete Pigott, CFO

Pete is a CPA, CA who brings over 30 years of experience working with innovative entrepreneurs to help build high-growth businesses and realize shareholder value.

Hee Kim, COO

Hee has over 14 years of experience in operating mid to large-sized companies in Canada. Hee earned his MBA from Ivey Business School at Western University and has extensive experience across the Health, Financial, Technology and Telecommunications sectors.


A message from Greg Durocher, CEO, Cambridge Chamber of Commerce

A Message from John Stix, Fibernetics Chief of Staff & Brand