Building Relationships – delivering happiness!

Fibernetics takes Customer Happiness Seriously, from our residential brand Worldline to our business brand NEWT we strive to deliver a quality and cost effective product to our customers. We are constantly improving our customer service and going beyond telecom to ensure customer happiness.

We have provided testimonials from both our residential and business brands. Hear what customers think about our products and services.

Your company is outstanding for prompt, courteous and outstanding customer service. I never hesitate recommending your to my friends.

Jerry M

My decision to purchase your program had as much to do with your quick, accurate, and competent response to my technical question as it did with the software itself

Jeff B

Thank you for your amazing customer service. The service has not dropped once since you replaced the modem. Just the fact that a VP of came to our home to help us, proves that you care about your customers. Our customer loyalty is now with you & we will now be referring to all our friends & family.Thanks again & best wishes for your future endeavours. Hope to see you in the top 100 Canadian companies soon.

Doug and Debbie Barrie, Ontario

We went with the NEWT System for not only the monthly cost savings, but it helps us field our calls more efficiently and in turn offering a better experience for our customers, who are typically not really excited to see us in the first place!

Leonard Malley , AMJ Campbell

I hold your company in the highest regards as far as customer service goes. You folks are top notch. Thanks again!

Raj R.

Been with Worldline for 4 months now and have not had ONE problem! Price of services saved us $40/month for 3X the internet speed. All features included on crystal clear phone. Install was on time and super fast.

Roxanne - Happy Worldline Customer

There are few other ISPs that I have been with that would offer the support that your Worldline Tech Support group has.I have been with both Bell and Rogers and will never go back to either because of poor service, poor value for money and impersonal and unavailable tech support. Please offer my sincerest thanks to the individuals mentioned above from your Tech Support group.You have a quality organization that needs to be nurtured to continue to offer customers their high quality knowledge and experience to continue to resolve tough issues (like mine).Your Techs definitely are value for money to the Worldline organization and to its future.


Whoever says that Worldlines customer service is bad is WRONG. Our jack was accidentally broken a few days after install. I went right to head office in Cambridge (I live close to it) to find out where i could purchase a replacement. One of the techs gave me a new one free of charge and instructions on how to do it. When I offered to pay, he said it’s called customer service. Haven’t had that level of service in a very long time…..anywhere. I hope the thank you and glowing review I wrote made it to Mr.Schnarr. This company’s business model is one that others should study, in my opinion. Proud to support this local company in the most cutthroat services market out there.


I am so disappointed in BELL, I joined up with a lovely offer 3yrs ago (about $45.00/mo.) and it has been a nightmare ever since. My contract expires July 31,2014, and that bill will be about $173.00!Plus, I have to give 30 days notice-just so they can get their final bite of me I guess, and it will have gone up again in price, I am sure….So I was THRILLED to find your site and your blog and wish you all the best as you and your staff continue to bring HAPPINESS to your customers, and ultimately, it would be awesome, to the WHOLE WORLD! Well, we can all dream, right?

Happy Customer Now!

Frank Geresncser the Chairman and CEO of triOs College video sums up his experience with NEWT, Fibernetics business division.